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Happiness Podcast

Are You Tired, Sad or Anxious? This podcast has supported hundred of thousands of people as they break through to find happiness and is currently ranked one of the top podcasts on iTunes. Remember, happiness does not happen by chance, but because people take specific actions in their life to create it. And luckily, you are one step away from achieving that possibility. Dr. Robert Puff’s Happiness Podcast is packed with information and inspiration that will help you soar! Because when you decide that you are going to do everything in your power to live a simply beautiful life and live your life to the fullest every day…you will find happiness.  To learn more, visit:

Dec 8, 2023

How to Stop Suffering and Be Happy

Our inherent human capacity for dreaming and aspiration is a double-edged sword. While it fuels our drive for progress and self-improvement, it also serves as a constant reminder of the gap between our imagined ideals and the realities we face. This dissonance between our aspirations...

Dec 1, 2023

Success vs. Happiness (Horizontal vs. Vertical Growth)

Regarding how we invest our time in evolving throughout our lives, there are three distinct pathways we typically pursue. The first path is stagnation, characterized by a lack of personal growth and development. The second path is horizontal growth, which...

Nov 24, 2023

Staying Young at Heart

One of the most significant "accomplishments' we can have is staying young at heart throughout our lives.   But this can be challenging, given all the emotional challenges we face. This talk explores the importance and possibility of staying young at heart.

New Happiness Podcast episode with Dr....

Nov 17, 2023

The Razor’s Edge: Happiness

Happiness is challenging like walking on a razor's edge because it requires a delicate balance. On the one hand, we want to experience joy, love, and contentment. On the other hand, we must also accept and manage sadness, anger, and fear.

One of the challenges of happiness is that it is...

Nov 10, 2023

Work-Life Balance (New Research Study)


A study of 184 people across three countries/regions found that fulfilling one's values can lead to higher well-being, and that higher well-being can make it easier to fulfill one's values. This relationship was consistent regardless of the importance people attributed to...